Thursday, March 31, 2016

National Letter Writing Month 2016

It's been a very stressful month for myself and my family. My mom is home from the hospital for the first time in about 35 days. She is doing much better but still has a long road to go. I have been here with my mom and dad for 35 days now. I miss my family tonight more than i can say. The phone is great... but sometimes you need something to hang on to. Tomorrow, April 1st marks the start of National Letter Writing Month. So.... write!

By the way.... here's my beautiful mama today making brownies after 30 plus days laying in bed in the hospital. Great Occupational Therapy, don't you think?

share you life in a letter. Write to a family member, an old friend or a pen pal this month. Turn off the computer and give the old pen and paper a chance. See how full your life and your mail box will be. The joy of receiving a letter in your mail box with a sweetly embellished envelope is such a magical thing. It can brighten someones day, bring a smile to their face and even a tear to their eye.... come on give it a try. Help celebrate National Letter Writing Month. Write on!!!!

Feel free to print out these sweet little pics by me and color them in or send them for someone else to color.  I take them to the copy store and print them on fun colored card stock and send them as postcards. It's super fun!!! Just try writing. It can become addicting and very rewarding. I hope you will write one person at least this month . You'll see... i promise. Give it a try!

Happy National Letter Writing Month 

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#NLWM2016 and #nationalletterwritingmonth

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The best laid plans...

       So, I know a lot of you are waiting anxiously for my Lettering With Lindsay class to begin. And trust me, no one wants that more than me. Last week my mom took quite ill. A week after my folks 70th wedding anniversary and 5 days before my dads 90th birthday

      We had to rush her to the hospital with a perforated colon. At 89 that's a pretty awful ordeal. It's been 7 days and I have pretty much moved 500 miles to the south to take care of my dad and sit by my moms bedside everyday.

      As you can see, I'm hard at work to get all the class materials done for you. My kids brought my whole film studio down to my folks house. I think I have 5 videos left to shoot. I'm just so tired after a full day at the hospital. So bear with me. Hang in there. It's coming. It just seems I've had nothing but set backs this year.

    In the mean time.... Follow me on Instagram at lindsay ann Ostrom, and on Facebook at lindsay Ostrom .creator of cuteness and here on the blog! Thanks for sticking with me here. And if you pray... Please pray for my mom. We need all the prayers we can get.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The wait is almost over.....

It's with giddy, school girl excitement
that I am just about ready to announce
              Lettering With Lindsay
is almost ready for enrollment!!!

I think I should have all the kinks for sign ups worked
out by mid March. I am a bit behind my personal deadline 
date of March 1st... but not too far behind.

Pretty soon... and don't worry,
I will announce when...
there will be a pay pal button in the 
Lettering With Lindsa
class tab above.
And you can go and pay and then the class
will be up and LIVE sometime in Early April...
maybe sooner. We shall just wait and see!

SUBSCRIBE if you want info on when the class will be 
ready for enrollment... and for early birds, there will be a chance 
for three students to win custom hand lettered file folders, 
pee chee keen folders and practice journal - lettered by me!!!

I have had so much help and so much
fun, and a bit of stress... getting this all done.
I hope you will sign up and hope that you
will tell your friends and letter lovers about it!

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Beating Heart

Today, I did my first PERISCOPE video!
It was great!
I planned on doing a 10 minute little walk through of this lettering
on my Valentine for my honey bunny...
and well, 43 minutes later - I finished!
It was so fun.
So, here is a download in case any of you want to print
your own and try your hand at lettering....
I hope to have the full video up on You Tube or here
on the blog... later on today.
Gotta get back to shooting video for my classes!
ooooh and, we decided to do a Periscope a month ( for now )
on Friday's with an art journaling prompt that will accompany
it here on the blog. So you will get the prompt on the blog and the list of supplies you will need and we will journal together on periscope!
Sound like fun???
I think so. So stay tuned for a schedule for that!


Here is the download.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

first periscope video.... tomorrow

So... if you follow me on Periscope
You will see just how many mistakes i really make!
Hahaha.... I did make a mistake on my last post. It's really going to happen TOMORROW,
the 12th of February
at 10am - pacific standard time
Really.... I am good with lettering
bad at spelling, bad at math, bad at dates, bad at remembering stuff....
but pretty good with coloring, art, lettering and
well, i used to be good at playing the guitar. 
you get what I mean
hope to see you tomorrow on PERISCOPE!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I periscope... do you?

Do you know periscope?
I am going to be using it to post some new videos,
and I hope if you use it... you will follow me.
I tried this a while back but i guess i didn't know what I was dealing with-
Now i do. I hope.
Hahaha.... it's all live so who knows what might happen.
But it's on a cell phone and did i say it was live?
And you can comment...
and hearts go streaming up the side when you like 
what demo I will be showing you...
It's all cool... until some creeper creeps in.
And that happened the first time I did this... it was awful.
But, I figured it out ( fingers crossed )
and it will just be us... you guys that follow me.
And you will be able to access my videos for 24 hours.
then... they are gone.
So find me...
Lindsay Ostrom
Follow me for fun lettering, craft projects and fun!
My first video will be
at 10am (PST)
Join me... won't you?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Update on Superman....

Well, February might be the heart month.
And I am continually drawing hearts -
although most look like the cute comical type.
This month... It's my honey's heart.
He has been through the ringer and today was no exception.

Last month, we spent nine days in the hospital after it seeming like he had a stomach flu after 5 days of violent throwing up and weight gain of about 25 pounds. He was brought into the ER from his doctors with a heart rate of 240. It stayed in that range for 6 days while they fought off a horrible liver infection. Not related in anyway to the heart issue. But we had to treat it before going on and dealing with his heart. So 6 days later... after the infection was gone, they found that he had an Atrial Flutter and gave him a procedure called an Ablation. It helped almost instantly. Released after that and down nearly 40 pounds.... we went home. That made my heart happy!

Today... he woke up feeling like he had a skin tab on his shoulder. Weird. I looked at it and Holy crap if it wasn't a TICK! Are you kidding me? After all he's been through. Must have picked it up off the dog, or the wood pile or really anywhere in our forest. That's the last thing he needed. I pulled it off and kept it in a baggie. He had a stress test this afternoon at the heart doc's. The nurse there helped me package it ( Mr. Tick ) up to send to the lab. Phew. Dodged a bullet there.... we hope. Results will be in, in 5 days. However... the heart doc is married to a dermatologist. Go figure. He took a pic and sent it to his wife.... no worries, she says. Can you say " what next"? We are DONE! No more. We cannot take it.

Stress test went great. Back to work in a few weeks! Only one more test to make sure the liver was not damaged from all of this. Man oh man... I am beat. He is beat. We are ready for some good news  to come through.... please oh please. So.... while we celebrate the month with healthy heart foods, a new exercise program and lots of hearts... we begin to live the new normal.

Thank you to all of you who sent notes, prayed for us and sent well wishes. It all worked. We heard you and it came through loud and clear. Thank you. However... I am about a month behind in the progress on my first online class. Hang in there! It's front and center in my mind and I am working on it whenever time allows. I think it will go smoothly from here out
Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Celebrate this month of hearts by doodling hearts, baking heart cookies,
hugging your favorite beating heart
and taking care of your heart!
It's all you get....