Monday, October 27, 2014

Christmas Break
It's Christmas Break!
well, it is for me anyway.
Friday night... i dress up as scary as i can with my honey and we watch scary movies all night long. Then at midnight... BAM, the Christmas fairy sprinkles her magic on me and the Hallmark Channel is ON and ready for a long and wonderful season. Here is where i will be. I might check back from time to time to show you what I have been up to. Need to see more? Go to my etsy page and support a starving artist and put some good old American made... HANDMADE art in your world for this season!

happy holidays!
see you in January 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Quads...

I have been working so hard on craft fair projects,
My Prayer Candles, Reclaimed Wood Signs, 
Holiday Houses, Oh Christmas Trees
and of course Ornaments....
that I have not drawen in a bit.
Last night... that dry spell ended and so, i wanted to share.
Happy (almost) Halloween!!!
 season of the witch
 dressed up zombie girl
( in honor of The Walking Dead)
 Pumpkin Pie
Sinester Smile

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

and in between, there was art

 A year ago this weekend, my hubby was headed to meet his brother in Paso Robles to work on the roof of a trailer they share at Lake Nacimiento. Fate intervened. It was around 8:30pm and he was almost into town. Another truck coming down the wrong side of the road plowed right into him, up and over his truck. A drunk driver. Horribly drunk. Hit him and broke is neck in two places. A 50 / 50 change of repairing it came to us in the form of an amazing doctor and an incredible recovery.

I remember going to Michaels ( shhh, don't tell my employer ) while he was in surgery and for the 7 days that we were there. I shopped for yarn and just kept crocheting blankets like a fiend. I brought nothing with me. I thought I was headed down there to pick him up and head home. After all, he called me and told me he was fine and he would just need a ride home. 7 days later... we left that city. Broken, but thankful.

 This is all that was left of his truck. His baby. He bought this truck brand new when we first met. It held many baby seats, towed a boat, went on many off road trips and was his favorite thing he owned. It was in fabulous shape. For this trip, either my neighbor, myself or the dog were all going to go with him. I backed out because I had art deadlines, the neighbor backed out that morning for some reason and he decided not to take the dog. Thank GOD! You can tell by the pic that no one would have survived the impact to the passengers side. Small miracles.

We spent alot of time at home. I was so fortunate to be able to be with him at home for almost a month. We took alot of walks and he was a great patient. To pass the time, I continued with my signs and ornaments for the craft fairs I had already committed to. This piece was a commission for an amazing human that I met on facebook. A nurse, who took time out of her busy day to asure me everything was going to be fine. It took months before it was close to fine.

Art got me though most of the days and I haven't slowed down yet. I think sometimes we use something like art to help us heal and it becomes something that is just second nature to us even after the fact. It's amazing how putting pen to paper or crocheting blanket after blanket can just be so cathardic. It is. For anyone going through something intense... find something to throw your soul into. A hobby, a craft, a journal... something. It helps ease the pain and heal the heart.

He is back to work. Part time. He has good days and bad days still. The fatigue and occasional paint is just more than he can understand most days. He is a go, go, go guy. We both are like that. We just bought a canoe and spend alot of days in it now... just sitting on the lake. That helps. The kindness of friends and aquaintances after the accident was incredible and overwelming. Thank you all. Do I miss my husband? Yes. Do i love this new guy... definately. Have I forgiven the asshole that did this?... ummmm, nope. Not yet. I don't undertand that at all. Drink. Drink yourself to death... but stay put. Come on. That's not hard. Tell everyone you know... any DISTRACTED driving is horrific. Do not text, call, eat, brush your hair and especially don't get behind the wheel after drinking anything. But look at this guys smile. I am the lucky one. He is here with me. That's all that matters!
Here's to a better year to come.
It's been a really, really, long year.
Adios October 11, 2013 to October 11, 2014!

Monday, September 29, 2014


My friends and I ( whom i affectionately call my bitches ), go on an art retreat / shopping trip for 4 days every year. We just got back from our trip this weekend. They all chipped in and bought me this book. I read it, cover to cover. And then I read it again. And now, I am carrying it in my car so I can reference it.....

 And now I am stealing from this book.

 I'm not exactly sure what I have gotten out of it, except that it has gotten me to think. I get so mad when I get copied. And it happens frequently. I think I get mostly mad when it happens and they don't use my art to inspire them, but take it exactly as it is and copy flat out. Others copy me and do it for their own personal enjoyment and inspiration... and that doesn't bother me at all. In fact, for me to inspire someone is probaly my biggest joy. So, it's hard to differentiate between the two. And sometimes I feel indifferent about it.

I think i may have to read this a bit more. And then ponder over it. I think mostly, I am thinking about what happens when I see something that inspires me to make or create something else. I must admit... there are times i see something and just want to copy it in it's entirety and if i try, i just can't make it happen. It always becomes mine. And that's what I feel is the best. If you see something and it speaks to you... go ahead. Copy it. But don't make it into a 1cent paint sale painting... you know? Don't copy exactly. NOTHING IS ORIGINAL. So... have at it. Just make it yours. Make it your own.... dance to the beat of your own drum. Do what makes you happy but don't just COPY.... be inspired! And then go on to inspire.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Guest Blogger - Stampington and Co's blog

In case you missed it...
 I am the featured blogger on
Stampington and Co's blog this week
so, i hope you head over there and take a look at my 
junk journal tutorial. 
I am hoping to do more for them soon.
so, if you like it...
please leave a comment on their site
(even if it's bad... hahaha)
at the bottom of the post

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Junk journal

Tomorrow ... 9/11... Is a day I remember well. I know about what happened in New York and that was a horrible event. That same day was the beginning of the end of my career. Well that's how I see it. That morning when the planes hit those towers, I was packing for yet another trip to appear in QVC. It had been awhile and a lot of hard work to get back to that place in my career. After experiencing what everyone else did, the fear set in. I quit everything. I was paralyzed to fly and  for me that meant no work. I never made it to QVC. Someone else took my place. That's a long story for another time. I quit traveling and became a stay at home whatever I am.
That was 13 years ago and so much has changed. My husband sees 13 as an unlucky number. Not me. I have been working so hard over the years to get back to that happy place and tomorrow , 9/11... I hope is a beginning of a new day for me. 
Tomorrow I will be the guest blogger on Stampington  and co's blog. A huge honor for me. It will be a tutorial  for one ofy junk journals. To see more of this sweet little book you will have to head over to their site -

I hope you will all head over their and leave a comment. I really enjoyed doing this for them and I am putting it out to the universe now. This is what I want to do. Art. Full time. I live it and love it.  So it's now out there- let's see what happens. I hope you enjoy the junk journal and never let your fears keep you from doing what you truly love!

And please leave a comment!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Every two pines.....

 Tomorrow i will be 56. for those that know me, birthdays are just another day. this year, i decided to take a pro active look at my day and do what my daugher does. Plan a birthday week. so, i campaigned for gifts - a housecleaner, a car stereo because mine has been broken for sometime and a trip to farrells... a old fashioned ice cream parlor. Well... i got two out of three. The housecleaner will have to wait. 

My whole family chipped in an my youngest asked to borrow my car. I thought nothing of it. She kept my little old '97 Toyota 4 runner out all night long. When she came home the next day, she handed me a box. I opened it and it was an empty box of car speakers. SO EXCITED! We ran outside... my car was washed, vaccumed and a brand new bluetooth stereo was installed. SO HAPPY.

For me an exciting day is ... well, i guess going for a road trip. I go to work, come home, sleep and repeat. That's my day. Occasionally we camp with the trailer and go to craft fairs. But that's ok. That's my life and I am good with it. But this weekend started with a movie, The Hundred Foot Journey... i highly reccommend it and a trip for ice cream sundaes at Farrells and I was good to go. Then I got this stereo.

I noticed that my car was 400 miles short of 300,000 and well...... I had to go for a drive.

We got home after dark with about 75 miles left to go. This morning we are finishing what we started and going for a 75 mile jaunt. So excited to watch it turn to 300,000 and me turn to 56. I don't know why this year feels different to me as birthdays go but it does. The John Muir quote at the top of this page sums it up for me. Between every two pines is a doorway into a new world. I live in a forest. There are tons of pines. TONS OF DOORWAYS. I just have to find the right one to go through. Gotta go and open a new door. Happy Birthday to all of you.... i hope you find your doorway!