Tuesday, April 15, 2014

winner winner bunny dinner!

We have a winner for our 
Saucy Chick Sherry Contest....
Barbara England
the Queen of Arts
wooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!!
My plan is to make you one of my 
famous bunnies.
message me.... and 
get me your address
( i think i have it... but message me anyway)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The MALE in the MAIL art group

As soon as i saw this pic of Adam and his wife,
i knew he was a hip guy. Note the photo reference to 
the movie UP... i think. So cute!
is a true artist, a letter writer and a super cool guy -
and he is the only male in a group of 138 women
letter writers... so he is brave, also.
And he must have a super fantastic wife!
Read a bit about him here...
and check out his website.

Why did you join National Letter Writing Month....
-I joined NLWM because of Kay Dixon. She said that she was participating and she always is involved in the coolest online groups involving mail. I knew that if I even got one letter that was as cool as one of hers, it would be a win. I also knew it would challenge me to think outside the box and create some postcard sized art! 

How many years have you participated in NLWM?
-this is my first year to participate!

 Tell us a bit about your blog..
-my blog documents my work for the most part, but it has also been known to announce things like a baby on the way, document cool finds, and even "tour" our house. 
What is your favorite medium...
-the majority of my work is done in watercolor, but a few lucky NLWM participants will be receiving, linoleum block prints, paper cutouts, and even a few mini paintings. 
Where do you get your inspiration....
-most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings, I teach a lot of elementary students, and especially with our new addition, my work has lately been on the more whimsical side. I have REALLY been enjoying maps and was heavily inspired by a conceptual map of Disney World prior to the actual park being built. The shapes and colors were so simple and pattern driven, I had to recreate some of my favorite places with a nod at the style. You can see a commission I recently had where I drew over 400 pine trees (painted and shaded). It was awesome.

 Like what you have read about Adam...
i know you will be impressed!
leave a comment here and there
and be entered to win a super fun prize 
from me... lindsay!

( enter by April 20th to be in the running for a prize!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog buddy feature.... Saucy Chick Sherry

When I had my store, two fun and funky ladies came in one day to show me their chicks that they made. I had to have some. They were so saucy and cute. That's how i met Saucy Chick Sherry. She is a crafter extrordinaire. She dabbles in so many different things it's hard for me to follow sometimes. She is a beautiful woman and has an even more beautiful soul. So here is a bit about Sherry.

( leave a comment here and on Sherry's blog and she and I will get together and 
pic a winner for a saucy prize.... but you need to comment on BOTH blogs... ok? Winner will be chosen on April 15th)
How did you come to join National Letter Writing Month?
I joined NLWM several years ago in all honesty to support Lindsay of Paper Rabbit, Creator of Cuteness.  I adore her and took some classes when her store was on Hwy 174.  In fact I am still using the glitter glue I bought back then.

 How many years have you played in National Letter Writing Month...
This is not my first year to participate in NLWM.  I skipped a year or two as I seem to over-commit myself easily.  I also continue to regularly swap happy mail with my very first pen friend.  We live a few miles apart and shop at the very same Ben Franklin yet have never met in person.  Intrigue? 

 What's your favorite part of NLWM?
My favorite part of NLWM is the friendships formed.

What made you start a blog....
I began blogging in August 2008.  I remember thinking if it was a good thing to do or not.  The answer clearly is yes!  I have made wonderful friends all over the world.  I like to keep my blog positive overall.  I like to share creative ways of making or doing things.  Sharing the ways my Grandmother and Mother taught me.    My blog is simple…just like me.  Not showy or glitzy…just basic and real. 

 What's your favorite medium...
My favorite medium to create with is a tough question to answer because I try and like lots.  Fabric and lace and ribbons are at the top along with beads and jewelry findings.  I am not fond of messy things like paint and splatterings.  I like to create with practical in mind.  I make almost all the gifts I give throughout the year to family and friends. 

What inspires you....
What inspires me?  Sunshine because it gives me energy.  Music because it feeds my soul.  Colors, travel, food, reading, people watching and generally life.  I am easily entertained.

My most recent mantra…
If not now, when?  My when is now! I am trying to use the good stuff and throw “perfection” out the window.  I learn something new every day!  I feel very blessed to be part of this community I live in and have wonderful family and friends. 

Thanks Sherry for being such a loyal pen pal and such and incredible person.... your blog is pretty sweet too!

Don't forget to check out Sherry's blog 
and leave a message here and there to be in the running for a saucy prize! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

the end of the week....

( to Carol from Mary- above)
 Well, I have gotten over 55 pieces of mail so far this week. I have not
taken any new pics of my goodies....
(Christy and Diane's mail above)
 these are all from amazing pen pals all over the country
(mail above received by Crescent)
and all over the world.
Frisbees have been mailed, calgon bath beads,
this super cute mailbox, an ice cube tray,
file folders... you name it!
(mail above made by Debbie)
we even have branched off this year and 
are hosting a kids group. Insane.
So much fun!
 Here's the deal... gotta be honest, that's my policy.
I have taken a second ( well, probably a third ) job.
It's with my art. It's an idea i pitched to a (big) company 
and they bought it. Of couse i am excited.... but of course ,
they need all the art from me this month!
(mail received by Lynda)
So, the best laid plans..... you know. So, i apologize to all for all the plans
i had for the blog this month and all the letter writing i intended to do.
But .... sit down, i have 550 pieces of art to get done this month.
I love you all
Good-bye for now.
Be back soon!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

the first day of National Letter Writing Month

 It's finally here!

the first day of 
National Letter Writing Month!!!

   No one is in trouble for sending out mail early.... however, since Saturday, i have gotten 24 pieces of mail! Wow. That's what I get for not having one specific pen pal and having 138 pen pals, one Phanton Postal Person, one Wild Card player, 17 mystery writers and 2 wild and crazy happy cardmakers to write to!

   Above and below is a pic of all 24 pieces. They are all fabulous! I did get a very large board that is used to wrap fabric on in stores from Joy.... i took two pics so you could see both sides. It's HUGE. Down to the smallest piece of mail, a courage chicken from little Diane ( i kinda love it alot!)

   I have alot of mail to answer... so be patient and hang in there

The two pics above and below are from a mother and daughter team playing for the first time this year. I think mom is a fabulous photographer and daughter loves getting her mail! So happy to have Meghan and Jennifer playing this year!

 the picture below is just the beautiful cards that
meghan and jennifer received on this first day of mail
 below is some happy mail for 
marilyn on this snowy day in nor cal
 below barbara received a Joy bottle - 
she didn't tell me who these were from, but i 
bet it's from Joy.... and look at the fun seed packet!
 The pertty brown bag and dance card was sent from Ann and Sarah to Kelly
love the kraft colors
 Melindagot all the beautiful mail below here

and that sums up our first day of mail that folks 
sent me pictures of already. Stay tuned for more up close and personal pics as I get them and some features on some of our letter writers and their blogs.

leave a comment or two please!
the letter writers would love your feedback

Saturday, March 29, 2014

a little prep work....

Just sitting here on a rainy Saturday and getting my stuff
ready for letter writing on Tuesday the 1st of April....
and I guess that others are doing the same!

Barbara Cox shared her pic of last years loot -
along with her letter writing side kick kitty!

The above and below is a sneek peek of my friend Joy Deaton's 
lovely work area. What's that i see? A hand carved rubber 
stamp and a Pilot Paralell pen.... ooooh it's gonna be a fun month!

Above , Joy is working on some of the Tag Tricks that 
i created for the group and emailed out! These can be used on
 cards and tags that you send out throughout the month....
but wait, you aren't playing and you want some 
tag tricks of your own? Well, here you go.
A little freebie from Me-bie!

Print them out... color them in.... cut them out 
and decorate to your hearts content. Just use them for 
your own personal use please... no selling, please

and here is my basket of goodies.
Just got back from a bridal fair with my wedding signs 
and i have beef stew cooking with pounding rain outside.
A perfect time to do a little letter writing....
it's acutally catching up on answering the 5- yes 5
letters that i received early this week.
Oh well.... close enough!

Let the letter writing begin.... almost!

Friday, March 28, 2014

a little Pre NLWM Shenanigans!

We are gearing up for 
National Letter Writing Month
which starts on April 1st.
We are full up with something like 138 ladies and one very
brave mail man... i mean, male!
follow along here if you are not in this year.
If you wanna play next year...
let me know EARLY!

And now..... we are going to feature a few of our pen pals
here on the blog this month.

FIRST.... meet Kelsey Smith

I work with Kelsey and she is one of the most dedicated
readers, crafters, embroidering crazed, granny square makers - I have 
ever met! She is just a fun girl! Here she is with her 
favorite books and her new kindle! She also is quite a big
journaler and good old fashioned scrapbooker! She and I are kindred spirits
our hearts and souls deep routed in 70's and 80's art and music!

 I asked all of our feature bloggers a few fun questions... and here is Kelsey's response...

Kelsey.... why did you join National Letter Writing Month ...
I joined NLWM because growing up i was always fascinated with the idea of having a pen pal. I also am a closet writer. When i was in beauty school i wrote and 80 page story

 Is this your first year in NLWM and if not, what's your favorite part....
 This is my 3rd year and i love playing the favorites game with my pen pal and learning about their interests!

 Tell us a little bit about your blog....
I started my blog as an extraciricular activity. I want to work in a publishing house, so i am learning to write more on and review books as well as soaking up each and every story
 What's your favorite medium to create in....
My favorite medium to create with is embroidery floss, and i love making quote books. I am a NOTORIOUS quoter and when i find one that i like i copy it down in one of my quote books
What inspires you to be creative....
 what inspires me the most is my books, and my movies. I find so many things that i would like to make to match something i read or saw

for being the first blogger to be featured here
on my blog.

and those of you following along with the shenanigans of this NLWM,
i still need to choose a winner for the free book
of stamps from a fellow pen pal.
My doggie and I will choose one on Sunday!

Stay tuned for more letter writing fun